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Your Key To Youthful Beauty!

Do wonders for your skin no matter your age with this Face Lift Home Facial Cupping Kit! It features DIY skincare that uses vacuum cupping, rejuvenating the skin, and increasing blood flow without using expensive treatments. 


This kit contains 2 cups for different areas of the face. They’re made of high-quality and skin-friendly food-grade silicone. It is effective for all skin types and is easy to use. Get visibly glowing skin in just 5 minutes a day! 



  • Ultimate cupping kit – Features a DIY skincare solution that uses vacuum cupping and has different sized cups for various parts of the face. 
  • Reverse-aging – Helps remove fine lines, reduce wrinkles, and get rid of that double chin. Boosts collagen and elastin gradually, making your skin 5 years younger naturally.
  • Natural skin care – Flushes out toxins on the skin while toning and sculpting your skin, giving it elasticity.
  • Improves blood flow – Lifts up your skin, improves lymphatic drainage, and makes your fine lines smooth again. Suction is applied so oxygen and nutrients can be delivered. 
  • Easy to use – Soft, flexible cups with strong suction to prevent falling off during use. Simply squeeze the middle of the cup after applying to clean skin. 
  • High-quality and safe material  – Made of premium, food-grade silicone that’s suitable for all skin types, and is easy to clean.  



  • Material: Silicone
  • Size: 80 x 37 mm &  50 x 15 mm 
  • Color: White, Pink, Blue

Product Includes

  • 2/4 x Face Lift Home Facial Cup